Time Stood Still
by Michelle Potter

Out of the darkness came a figure like a man.
I didn't see him, but I knew he was approaching me,
In the gutter,
dusty, dirty, broken and thirsty I lay.
On my face,
pitiful, despised.
Through my tears I saw his feet,
dusty too,
my tears fell on them.
The mixture of dirt and water caused streaks,
I stretched out my hand,
I wiped those feet with my hair.


Time stood still.


I felt the warmth of a hand on my shoulder,
my body became a light weight.
I looked up.
I saw his eyes;
they were kind, gentle, full of indescribable love.
It overwhelmed me,
I fell back in the dust and slept.
When I awoke I was sitting at a table.
Clothed in white,
I squinted to adjust to a dazzling brightness.
Before me lay the most sumptuous of feasts.
At the head of the table,
the figure like a man raised a glass of red wine in one hand,
in the other broken bread.
The music in his voice as he looked at me
for the second time and said :-
"Welcome home my child."



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