TLH - The Carpenter's Song by Chris Hall

TLH - The Carpenter's Song - An instrumental guitar piece

Download a PDF version

Behind the Music

This is an instrumental piece I worked out after attending the Terry Lee Hale songrwiting masterclass where he suggested trying alternative tunings to discover new inspiration. The guitar is tuned down to an open D and the title obviously pays credit to Terry Lee Hale for the original idea (TLH) who was a carpenter before becoming a professional musician.

But TLH also stands for Tender Loving Hands, which every good craftsman needs, particularly carpenters, which I saw demonstrated in the hands of my dad, Arthur Hall and also in the hands of Jesus.

So the piece is my way of honouring three special people, all three carpenters, all three with Tender Loving Hands, all three of whom, to varying degrees have inspired and continue to inspire me.

Terry, thanks for the guitar and songwriting tips.
Dad, thanks for life, for love, and for being a fantastic role model. We miss you.
Jesus, thank you for keeping me and letting me stay in your tender loving hands.

The tab, as with the downloadable PDF file, is only a guide. I tend to play the piece slightly different each time I perform it, as can be heard on the mp3 on this page, recorded at the Challenge & Musik Caf'Concert in June 2011. You can also see the video of this evening on Youtube.





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